The thumb diaries: Holiday in Dorset 2015 – Day 5

“Thumb things will never change…”

The Thumbs woke up and treated themselves to a massive plate of cheese on toast.  Nom nom nom.


The weather was again quite unpleasant that morning so Ned and Tracy Thumb waited for it to abate but to no avail.  As Ned Thumb looked out onto the rear field his shoulders began to droop with impatience.


Ned Thumb: “I’m bored.  There’s nothing to do…”

Tracy Thumb: “Don’t be daft, there’s plenty to do.  Besides, I thought we came away to catch up with some relaxation and reading.”

Ned Thumb: “Yeah but…”

Tracy Thumb: “Yeah but what?  Oh please, don’t tell me you’re missing your PS4!”

Ned Thumb: “Well…oh, er…Oh hang on, we’ve got Wifi here.  I forgot!”

Ned thumb then spent some time on the internet before Tracy thumb came to offer him a coffee…oops.

Tracy Thumb: “What on Earth?  Really?  Erm, I don’t think so!  Besides, what’s wrong with a good old game of hide and seek or something, eh?”


Some time later:

Tracy Thumb: “Right, you count to a hundred while I go find somewhere to hide.”  ‘Hehe, he’ll never find me here behind this cushion!’


Ned Thumb: “37, 42…99…er, a hundred!  Coming if you’re ready or not!  Ok, where first?  Upstairs.”


Ned Thumb: “Is that her in there?  No, who’s that then?  Hey good looking!  Hehe.”


Ned Thumb: “How about in here?  Hey this game is starting to give me that ‘sinking’ feeling.  Good Lard I’m a funny Thumb.  ‘Oh Really Ned, what are you ‘basin’ that on?’  hehehe.”


Tracy Thumb: “What’s keeping that Thumb?  I’m surely not that hard to find?!”


Ned Thumb: “In the shower perhaps?  Nope.  ‘Oh Mothe-e-eer?  REE-REE-REE-REE…’  Hehehe.”


Ned Thumb: “Maybe I’ll have more luck downstairs.  Perhaps in the fridge.  I wonder if I’m getting warmer.  I don’t feel like I am. Brr-rrrr!”


Ned Thumb: “Hey, I wonder if the light really does go out when you close the fridge door.  Oh well, only one way to find out.  ARGGGGHHHHHHHH!”


Ned Thumb: “Hmm, maybe she’s hiding in this spoon?  ‘The trick is Neo Thumb, not to try to bend the spoon but instead to see the truth.’  Hehe, I’m Neo Thumb, in the Matrix.”


Ned Thumb: “Haha, now I’m Bat-thumb!”


Ned Thumb: “Oh man, where can she be?  This is like looking for a thumb in a pie shop!  Maybe in here?”


Tracy Thumb: “What’s keeping that boy?!”


Ned Thumb: “Maybe she’s in here.  No, she’s scone.  Teehee!”


Ned Thumb: “Of course, she’d never expect me to look in here, in the cake!”


Ned Thumb: “Well, I better carry out a thorough search I suppose!  Nom nom nom nom nom…”


Tracy Thumb: “I think I’ll leave that child to it.  Bless him, as long as he’s occupied.”


Ned Thumb: “Hey!  You not playing anymore?  I thought you were still playing!  You’re not really taking this very seriously, are you?”


Ned Thumb: “Nom nom nom nom nom nom…”