Monthly Archive: December, 2015

Review: The Force Awakens (Spoiler free first impressions)

  Note: This article is completely SPOILER FREE, as it should be. Having spent the last couple of weeks successfully avoiding spoilers from all directions and having to regularly put my fingers in my… Continue reading

I like everything about Christmas, bar Humbugs!

I thought I’d quickly get this Blog out of the way whilst it’s still a few days away from Christmas day.  And since this is absolutely nothing to do with “The Force Awakens”… Continue reading

Has ‘Man’ become so hungry for power that he will gladly march his fellow man boldly and blindly into war…again?!

You know, it’s odd…but Britain’s politicians voting to take part in a bombing campaign against members of the so called ‘Islamic State’ in Syria is something that didn’t actually register with me to… Continue reading

Leadership vs Management

There are leaders and there are managers…and they are both, in my experience, very VERY different things. During my career I have been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to attend several courses… Continue reading