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Interview: Meet and Greet Monday – Blogger: Brugesvegan

Well, here we are again.  Another Monday and another Meet and Greet.  I love doing these but, as I’m so busy with work these days, struggle to squeeze them into my hectic schedule. … Continue reading

Coming out…as being a vegetarian (Or Quorn to be wi-i-i-i-ilddddd!)

  Okay, so let me get this out of the way first.  For any Veggie/vegan police out there interrogating online vegetarian based blogs and posts, the truth is…I eat fish.  There, I said… Continue reading

The contractual obligation blog

  I recently asked on my ‘The Way of the Squirrel Books’ Facebook page what subjects people would like me to discuss on my Blog.  I have already covered ‘The Power of Cakes’ in my Blog but… Continue reading

The power of cakes!*

When I was deciding what topic to discuss in this particular blog, I seem to remember feeling awkward about something and wanted to apologise for it but I can’t for the life of… Continue reading