Monthly Archive: November, 2016

Calling all bloggers, calling all bloggers…

I was originally inspired by who invited her blog readers that have published books to take part in her Wordy Wednesday feature where people were asked a series of questions about themselves and their… Continue reading

Short story: The Diagnosis – by Ned Alexander

  ©2016, Ned Alexander, all rights reserved Kevin lifted his head up to look across the partitions at his colleagues who were all working diligently in their cubicles.  He glanced up at the… Continue reading

The day my son told me he was gay

  It was a couple of months ago that this occurred and I hadn’t actually intended to blog about it but it is something that I was thinking about again the other day so thought I’d… Continue reading

Short story: Operation Sol-idarity – by Ned Alexander

  ©2016, Ned Alexander, all rights reserved Gaius Web stepped from his office and placed his briefcase gently down onto the floor.  With a few soft button taps the heavily armoured door concealed… Continue reading