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If you are interested in reading any more of my work, I have e-published some books under “TheWayofTheSquirrel:Books” Label on Amazon.

For anyone interested in viewing or purchasing my books please follow the link on the ‘about’ page or simply Google Ned Alexander.  Cheers.




Existential Anger was the first Novel I published in the Martin Chronicles Trilogy. This first book is loosely based on my experiences within the Fire Service and I believe reflects well the banter that Firefighters use. It is set in the near future so also suggests possible future technologies that might be adopted by the Fire service. This first part in the Martin Chronicles Trilogy introduces a band of Brothers, and sisters, who will do whatever it takes not to be beaten by ‘The Man’ and they soon demonstrate that they never leave a colleague behind.  It is a tongue in cheek yarn weaved against a familiar backdrop of corporate greed and government corruption.




In the follow up to Existential Anger we are introduced to a whole new band of siblings. This time they are in the form of battle hardened soldiers living on the Martian base ‘Libya’. Things are not as they at first appear and soon Martin finds himself fighting against a very different enemy. In this episode Martin discovers more truths about his background. However, this in turn raises other, more troubling questions…

Life on Mars can be ended for many reasons, a ruptured suit, being struck by debris during a sand storm or, of course, when caught off guard by the enemy. Those that have fought on Mars and survived never speak of their time there other than to perpetuate the phrase, ‘Better dead than red!’





(The first in the Book of Jacob trilogy)

It is some time in the future and the world we know has become a very different place. Scientists have inadvertently ruptured time and space and have altered the course of history. London is now a harsh wasteland patrolled by heavily armed Bishops who enforce the love of Joshua in the name of the Chancellor and the Salvation Army. Against his wishes, Bishop Jacob soon finds himself charged with apprenticing a young boy called Alexander whose arrival leads Jacob to question both his faith in the Church and his loyalty to the Chancellor. Jacob, a telepath, is caught up in a bloody battle between the Church and Pagan hordes that roam the land and it is in this conflict that Jacob finds his paradigms sorely challenged.





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Homeless, the first in a series of children’s books revolves around the stories of the two main characters Amber and William. Amber is given an assignment by her teacher to bring in a member of the community to a ‘show and tell’ session in class. Having been ridiculed by her teacher once too often, Amber decides to find the most unpleasant and offensive member of the community she can find, which she decides must be a ‘tramp’. Amber and William seek out and meet a group of homeless people but soon their lives are turned upside down and it to their new homeless friends that they will need to turn to for help.




Part 3 of the Martin Chronicles: Circumventing Rubicon

Part 2 of the Book of Jacob Trilogy: Paradigm Shift

Part 3 of the Book of Jacob Trilogy: Para-dimensions

Part 2 of the Stories of Amber and William: Attack of the Revolting Aliens 

Part 3 of the Stories of Amber and William: The Curse of Evil Watkins

Part 3 of the Stories of Amber and William: Lilly and the Chimp