Monthly Archive: October, 2015

Hands up who wants to take part in a new regular bloggers’ interview spot?

  Being very new to the Blogiverse I accept that I may be overstepping my mark, but overstep I bloody well shall. I was recently inspired by who invited her blog readers that have… Continue reading

Great news. Recently, Autism daily,, confirmed the 10 benefits of your child with Autism being bullied. Yaye!….hang on…Fuc$%*g what?

Okay, let’s just start this off by saying that the idea that you can take a positive from any form of bullying is a complete pile of poo!  In the interests of fairness… Continue reading

The Stagnation of Man

  I use the term ‘Man’ in reference to the images and ideas of ‘The evolution of man’ but to be honest we’ve all probably stagnated as a species. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe… Continue reading

Julia’s “Desperate Ruse”: A discussion about depression and suicide by fellow blogger: Autismthoughts

  I personally wanted to blog about how Depression and Suicidal thoughts affects, and has affected, some of my friends but Julia has written a piece about it here from her own personal… Continue reading

Germaine Greer: “Transgender women seem to us ghastly parodies. Being trans is a delusion”. WTF?

  Today I had other plans for what I wanted to blog about but then the topic of Germaine Greer’s comments about Transgender women raised its ugly head and here we are. She… Continue reading

Sesame Street is introducing their first autistic character, Julia.

Sesame Street has never shied away from addressing hard hitting and important issues during their long run on television.  When the actor, Harold Hooper, who played one of the local store owners, died… Continue reading

How many times must people be so tragically, and often avoidably, let down by the authorities?

I started writing this from my point of view as an Officer in the London Fire Brigade and actually, to do that would imply that my anger, upset and disappointment at the issue… Continue reading

The book: Existential Anger – by Ned Alexander

Today I wanted to quickly mention some things about one of my books.  I am a writer and I did start this blog partly to publicise them so it seems somewhat remiss of… Continue reading

REVIEW: THIS BLOG IS ALL ABOUT MY “WICKEDUNCLE”. Well if that hasn’t got your attention then I don’t know what will!

My website review of the children’s toy website, I recently replied to a social media call out to Bloggers who were interested in reviewing a website as part of a site/toy review program.  I responded… Continue reading

A short rant: About crap modern television and how it exploits our children

  I was at work last week and was waiting for my shift to finish.  One of the guys I was working with that day had The X-factor on in the background while… Continue reading