Calling all bloggers, calling all bloggers…


I was originally inspired by who invited her blog readers that have published books to take part in her Wordy Wednesday feature where people were asked a series of questions about themselves and their books.  I liked this idea and, for a while, I ran a series of interviews with fellow bloggers asking them a series of questions in order to publicise their blogs, to raise awareness of issues they may want to highlight and then to include some of silly or fun questions designed to hopefully amuse and engage with readers.

Since then I have been inspired by the quality of the Blogs written by people posting under the tags that I personally follow, AUTISM, ASPERGERS, ASPIE, SELF PUBLISHING, SCIFI and some others I have found using the DISCOVER tag.  As with my original series of interviews I would like to raise the profiles of those bloggers who would like to take part or to highlight issues, raise concerns or to simply tell other bloggers a little bit more about their fellow bloggers so that they might discover what makes them tick.

If anyone is interested in taking part I would like to email or message a series of questions in order to interview them.  You can take as much time as you need to answer the questions and, even once you receive the questions, there is no obligation at all to take part.  No question would be mandatory and any tweaks and alternate questions would obviously be considered.

So…where am I going with this? I am looking for bloggers, or those that they recommend, to contact me in order to take part in a posed written interview which I will publish at a later date as part of a series of interviews.  Though I would be happy to interview any blogger of any subject, my particular interests are those highlighted above.  I do however follow some other great blogs outside of these subjects like: and

Please note that there is no agenda to this other than to have some fun and to raise the profile of my fellow bloggers.  Also I would be more than happy for you to copy either a link or the whole interview onto your own blogs with/out a link, as you prefer.

Cheers, Ned.

Any takers, please feel free to either leave a comment or contact me at: