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Calling all bloggers, calling all bloggers…

I was originally inspired by http://www.tattooedmummy.co.uk who invited her blog readers that have published books to take part in her Wordy Wednesday feature where people were asked a series of questions about themselves and their… Continue reading

New York Tunnel 2 Towers 5k run/walk

  This year a very good friend of mine, Andy, called me up, told me he was taking part in the New York tunnel to towers run and wondered if I was interested… Continue reading

New York, New York IS a wonderful town!

The thumb diaries: Holiday in Dorset 2015 – day 6

“By the pricking of my thumb, thumthing wicked this way come…” Ned Thumb: “Hurruumpfff.  Still raining…*SIGH*…this is like waiting for Godot!” Tracy Thumb: “Waiting for Godot?  Can’t you just get on with enjoying a relaxing… Continue reading

The thumb diaries: Holiday in Dorset 2015 – Day 5

“Thumb things will never change…” The Thumbs woke up and treated themselves to a massive plate of cheese on toast.  Nom nom nom. The weather was again quite unpleasant that morning so Ned… Continue reading

The thumb diaries: Holiday in Dorset 2015 – Day 4

“Thor, God of thumb-der…”  After a good nights’ sleep, Ned and Tracy Thumb treated themselves to some fresh coffee. Ned Thumb: “I’ll make some boiled eggs and toast, shall I?” Tracy Thumb: “Okay, sure.”  ‘Hmm,… Continue reading

Review: The Old Dairy, Dorset, Uk

This was only our second visit to The Old Dairy, Dorset. Our first visit was during a hot period during last years’ summer. This time we arrived in a very wet and autumnal… Continue reading

Review: A visit to Stonehenge

Though I won’t always make a habit of blogging about destinations I visit it was mentioned to me by fellow Bloggers, BRUGESVEGAN.COM (written by two people and whose blog I recommend), that they would… Continue reading

The thumb diaries: Holiday in Dorset 2015 – Day 2

“Tho why don’t we go thumb-where only we know…” (WARNING, A PICTURE OF A SPIDER IS INCLUDED IN THIS POST) Well, day two of the expedition saw Ned and Tracy Thumb at THE… Continue reading