Has ‘Man’ become so hungry for power that he will gladly march his fellow man boldly and blindly into war…again?!


You know, it’s odd…but Britain’s politicians voting to take part in a bombing campaign against members of the so called ‘Islamic State’ in Syria is something that didn’t actually register with me to blog about…until now.  It actually only struck me today when I happened upon a really well written blog by Felix Riley (http://felixriley.com/2015/12/06/oh-what-a-lovely-fcking-war/).  And then it actually dawned on me that I’d not even considered it as being a valid or relevant topic for inclusion in my blog.  Have I become so complacent to the bumbling nonsensical decisions made by our politicians that I no longer see this as news worthy?  I’m not sure.  It certainly saddens me to think of us blindly diving head first, yet again, into a war which we as a people have had little say in and that will, YET AGAIN, increase the risk to civilians in our own country.

This will, of course, be of little consequence to those innocent people in Syria who are as much victims of these threats and acts of violence (if not more so) as we are and who are likely soon to also be victims of the missiles that we will hurl at them.  I doubt very much that the people shopping in markets beneath them as they hurtle ever nearer will take solace from the fact that our politicians have promised us, the British public, that they are so accurate that they WILL NOT kill civilian targets.  “What the f**k?”  Did our politicians seriously believe what they were saying when they spouted that these missiles would not kill civilians?  Even if they were Smart Missiles do they really expect us to believe that, just before hitting the ground, they could identify a little old lady crossing the road outside their intended target and merely hang in the air politely waiting for her to cross to safety?  Do they really think that the British public are so gullible, or is it that they themselves are so gullibly blinded by their need for power that they will happily lie to themselves in order to continue being able to sleep soundly as bombs drop on Syrian ‘immigrants’ before they can even leave Syrian shores?

Was it not the opposition, the Labour Party, ten years ago that invaded Iraq on a lie spun by their then-leader Tony Blair?  And this, despite a mass rally in London (by the voters) protesting against the prospect of war.  Blair invaded a foreign nation to locate “Weapons of mass destruction”.  The professed existence of which was a complete…f**king…lie!  The government was warned by experts at the time (though it did not need an expert to see it anyway) that this would lead to the strengthening, in some ways, and the rallying of troops to the self-proclaimed Islamic State’s “cause”.

And now, only ten years later, the present Government, the Conservatives, led by David Cameron, has taken our Service men and Women back into battle.  I have seen my National Health service attacked by this Government, my Pension severely cut, my wages frozen and many of the Nation’s assets sold off whilst our industry and services are continually outsourced to other nations.  Has Cameron not caused enough damage to the country that he lives in?  I won’t say that it’s his country, though he may think that it is.  I didn’t vote for him, I don’t trust him and I cannot align myself with, or agree with, his lies.

Yes, I am against war, no I am not against service men and women following orders and serving their countries and no I don’t believe that we should have begun bombing yet another nation.  Is there a case for going in and attacking the IS?  Very likely.  I don’t have enough information on whether or not it would be feasible or tactically advantageous but what I do believe is that if you are to reduce the risk of innocent casualties being victims of the Wests’ war with IS then you have to go in on foot.  I know that this poses much higher risks to our own soldiers and that must be carefully considered, but if they had the best weapons, armour, training and numbers then this shouldn’t be an issue.

How many innocent civilians will die before our politicians question their decision?

I don’t believe we’re terrorists as such but at what point will the Syrian people begin to see us as being as much terrorists as those who have invaded their homeland?

At what point will we have turned yet another nation of people so against us that we would have created yet more generations of enemies?

We have been lied to again and it saddens me.  I know that it’s not me that would potentially have to go over to Syria dressed in combat gear and get my hands dirty so I understand that suggesting that our service men and women go in as part of a land based operation is an easy suggestion for me to make.  But, regardless, our politicians, who are tasked with ensuring our safety, are f**king lying to us.  Cameron is as much of a p**ck as Blair if he genuinely believes that he can eliminate such problems by merely having them wiped from the face of the Earth.  They are politicians, so debate, negotiate, meet your opposition.  And okay for those reading and thinking that this wouldn’t work as all that IS wants is to see us wiped from the face of the Earth, I know that the prospect of ever sitting down and opening a dialogue with such a group is unlikely to succeed but wiping them from existence is more unlikely to.  Cameron has stated that by bombing IS, it will make the UK a safer place.  That is simply a f**king lie!  The claimed accuracy of our weapons is a lie!

And, after all…


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