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Review: Friendlÿ Soap

One of the fun aspects of being a blogger is being able to review products and media etc. either after being requested to do so by a company or simply by choosing to… Continue reading

The thumb diaries: Holiday in Dorset 2015 – day 6

“By the pricking of my thumb, thumthing wicked this way come…” Ned Thumb: “Hurruumpfff.  Still raining…*SIGH*…this is like waiting for Godot!” Tracy Thumb: “Waiting for Godot?  Can’t you just get on with enjoying a relaxing… Continue reading

The thumb diaries: Holiday in Dorset 2015 – Day 5

“Thumb things will never change…” The Thumbs woke up and treated themselves to a massive plate of cheese on toast.  Nom nom nom. The weather was again quite unpleasant that morning so Ned… Continue reading

When my humour falls flat…doh!

  I like to think that I have a reasonable sense of humour though most of my friends are far too polite to point out otherwise, Gawd bless them! But sometimes my humour… Continue reading

The power of cakes!*

When I was deciding what topic to discuss in this particular blog, I seem to remember feeling awkward about something and wanted to apologise for it but I can’t for the life of… Continue reading

The successful career as a cartoonist I never had.

Ever since I can remember I have doodled…and when I was too young to doodle I scribbled and even before that, I dribbled (actually that last one probably isn’t relevant…sorry).  This habit continued… Continue reading

The book: Why my first children’s book was about homelessness.

  In 2014 I wrote my first Children’s book.  It was called ‘Homeless’ and, somewhat unsurprisingly, covered that very subject.  I have never been homeless, certainly not for any length of time between house moves… Continue reading

An irrational fear of gay spiders!

My Father, who sadly passed away a few years ago, was a Geordie. He raised six of us, mainly on his own, and, though he wasn’t a perfect Father, for me he was… Continue reading

Sometimes defeating ‘The Man’ just takes some patience and a tin of shoe polish.

  Some years ago, when I was still a Firefighter, I had a Governor (Line manager) who showed little tolerance for our station cleaner. In this particular blog this Governor will be playing… Continue reading