The thumb diaries: Holiday in Dorset 2015 – day 6

“By the pricking of my thumb, thumthing wicked this way come…”

Ned Thumb: “Hurruumpfff.  Still raining…*SIGH*…this is like waiting for Godot!”

Tracy Thumb: “Waiting for Godot?  Can’t you just get on with enjoying a relaxing holiday?”

Ned Thumb: “But he said he’d come!”

Tracy Thumb: “Said…what….who did, who said they’d come?”

Ned Thumb: “Godot!”

Tracy Thumb: “Godot…what the?  Will you please just get on with enjoying your holiday?”


Tracy Thumb: “How about a nice game of charades or something?”

Ned Thumb: “Charades?  I love charades!”

Tracy Thumb: “Okay.  You go first then!”

Ned Thumb: “Ok then. ‘RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!’  How’s that then?”

Tracy Thumb: “You’re a Borg!”

Ned Thumb: “Wow.  Well done.  That was good!”

Tracy Thumb: “Don’t be ridiculous!  You can’t go drawing Borg implants onto yourself!”


Ned Thumb: “Okay, okay…how about this?  ‘Ooh Betty!’  How’s that?”

Tracy Thumb: “Really?  Is that the best you can do? Frank Spencer? Who are you, Thumb Yarwood?!”


Ned Thumb: “Okay then, who am I now, who am I now?  “Ohhhh Raymondddddd.”

Tracy Thumb looks into the distance and rolls her eyes.  “Rainman?”

Ned Thumb: “Yeah, how did you guess?!”


Thankfully for Tracy Thumb the Sun eventually came out and there was finally an opportunity to go out!


Well, this opportunity was short lived and it turned out that the reason for all of the poor weather was not just because of the time of year but because ‘Storm Abigail’ had been dragging its’ sorry arse across the country. So instead of going out Ned Thumb decided to spend the afternoon continuing to write the follow up to his latest book!  Poor ol’ Tracy Thumb.


At least there was some respite from Ned Thumbs’ writing when the Sun finally went down and allowed the Thumbs to witness a typical Dorset Sunset.