The thumb diaries: Holiday in Dorset 2015 – Day 4

“Thor, God of thumb-der…” 

After a good nights’ sleep, Ned and Tracy Thumb treated themselves to some fresh coffee.

Ned Thumb: “I’ll make some boiled eggs and toast, shall I?”

Tracy Thumb: “Okay, sure.”  ‘Hmm, he’s being particularly jolly…what’s he up to then?’  Tracy Thumb then planned her day of book reading and tea drinking.  Lots. And. Lots….of tea drinking!


“Where’s Thumby?”

Tracy Thumb: ‘Ned’s being awfully quiet still.  Hmm.’


Ned Thumb: “Swear to you?  Okay then…up yours Batman!”

Batman Egg: “No, I mean…SWEAR TO MEEEEEEE….!”

Ned Thumb: “What?!  No one talks to Super-Thumb like that.  Take that Batman!  DRAT!  You’ve got Batarangs made from freshly buttered toast, my only weakness…foiled again!”

Tracy Thumb: ‘What the Thumb is he doing?  Oh good Lard, what a Prat!’


The Thumbs then enjoyed a nice morning of reading, writing and general relaxation, until that is, the afternoon finally arrived.

Well, wait as they might, the weight was too great for their might.  And, as Odin may have once reigned supreme, today so Thor, God of Thunder, ‘rained’ supreme!  Non-stop in fact.  So much so that the Thumbs couldn’t even walk to the end of the lane and had to find an alternative route to get to the shops as the water along the lane was deep enough to come to the top of their expeditionary shoes.  Thumbs wear shoes.  FACT!


This day was clearly ruined!  ‘Hang on’, thought Ned Thumb…’PUB!!!!’


OH DEAR…they had a liddle dvinky…and thumbled themselves all the way back to The Old Dairy.


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Ned and Tracy Thumb