The thumb diaries: Holiday in Dorset 2015 – Day 2

“Tho why don’t we go thumb-where only we know…”


Well, day two of the expedition saw Ned and Tracy Thumb at THE OLD DAIRY base camp waking to a beautiful Dorset Morning.  Janes’ Chooks trundled nosily over to say Hi and to inquire as to whether or not any food leftovers were on offer.  Having survived the chook attack the two travellers then tucked into a nice round of tea/coffee and toast before heading off to Lulworth Cove.  Ned Thumb eagerly donned his scuba gear ready for a quick dip.  This turned out to be an unrealistic activity however once it was discovered that Ned Thumbs’ scuba gear was only drawn on with pen which, as we all know, fails to comply with PADI diving certification regulations.


Whilst Ned Thumb was doing his best dry-docked Bic Cousteau impression, Tracy Thumb had found herself a nice homemade sweets shop where she treated herself to some fudges.  “A thumb of fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat…”  (Anyone who didn’t grow up in the UK in the 70’s/80’s can be forgiven for not knowing that reference)


Having returned from Lulworth Cove, Greedy Thumb, sorry, I mean Ned Thumb tucked into a whole mountain of a scone which was covered in a fresh blanket of clotted cream and then smothered in homemade jam (all courtesy of Jane again).  This was, of course, after he had used it to recreate the “Chest Bursting” scene from Alien.  CHILD!


Ned then almost dropped his scones (Please feel free to insert obligatory drop scone gag here) as he discovered a big Spider Monster that was almost as tall as he was!  ARGHHHHHHH!


Ned and Tracy Thumb eventually and wearily dragged themselves upstairs to bed having polished off Salmon and Dauphinoise potatoes.  Nom-nom-nom!


We had intended to hitch-hike up to see them but, again, without them, we can’t.  Damn you cruel irony!

Tomorrow, Ned and Tracy Thumb rock up to Stonehenge.

Anyone wishing to contact either Ned or Tracy Thumb to ask them any questions please feel free to contact them here: Ned and Tracy Thumb