The thumb diaries: Holiday in Dorset 2015 – Day 1

“We’re all going on a Thumb-er holiday…”

Due to having to pay out for a few things that we weren’t expecting to have to this year, my wife and I decided we could not warrant the cost of a holiday.  However, having already laid down the deposit, we saw no reason why our thumbs should lose out so we sent them in our stead.  Here is their holiday blog.

Hello, Ned Thumb here.  So, Monday, we packed up, thumbed a ride and headed off to Sunny old Dorset where we’d booked a weeks’ stay at THE OLD DAIRY.  Below is a picture of me (trying) to get a nice picture as we arrived but Tracy Thumb ruined it by photo-bombing me!


Jane Tidman, owner of THE OLD DAIRY, very kindly welcomed us with a homemade Victoria sponge which, if it’s anything like last years’ will prove to be absolutely thumby!

Here, Tracy Thumb and I are deciding whether we’re supposed to eat the cake or just climb it!


HAHA, I think I’ll help myself to another sneaky slice of that cake while Tracy Thumb’s outside.  She’ll never notice.  It’s delicious!  Oops.  A bit too delicious!  I feel a bit ickie now.


Meanwhile, Tracy Thumb is admiring the stack of books she has brought on holiday.  Just as well they’re not in braille otherwise she’d have bruises all over her head by the end of the week!


And so it was that the thumbs ended the first day of their Thumb-er Holiday.


Well, those are the pictures that came back from day one of our Thumbs’ holiday.  Don’t mind admitting we’re a tad jealous of them.  Also we’re finding it surprisingly harder than we imagined without them here.  I’ve dropped two mugs of tea today already 😦

Anyone wishing to contact either Ned or Tracy Thumb to ask them any questions please feel free to contact them here: Ned and Tracy Thumb