Hands up who wants to take part in a new regular bloggers’ interview spot?



Being very new to the Blogiverse I accept that I may be overstepping my mark, but overstep I bloody well shall.

I was recently inspired by http://www.tattooedmummy.co.uk who invited her blog readers that have published books to take part in her Wordy Wednesday feature where people were asked a series of questions about themselves and their books. I like this idea and would like to transfer this series onto bloggers themselves and so would like to ask a series of questions in order to publicise their blogs, to raise awareness of issues they may want to highlight and then to pose a series of silly or fun questions designed to amuse and engage with readers.

The truth is that I have been inspired by several bloggers that I’ve met on here and would like to raise their profiles and share their insights with others…

I would like to email bloggers a series of questions in order to interview them and to allow them time to answer the questions posed. No question would be mandatory and any tweaks and alternate questions would be considered.

So…where am I going with this? I am looking for bloggers, or those that they recommend, to contact me in order to take part in a posed interview which I will publish at a later date as part of a series of interviews.

Any takers, please either leave a comment or contact me at: