Great British Bake Off controversy…dun-dun-dunnnn!



To those Neanderthals out there that cannot accept that someone can actually win something regardless of his or her sex, sexual orientation, ethnic/cultural origin or religious beliefs then…SHOCK HORROR…Muslim Woman wins Bake off…because she was the BEST! Get over it haters! Nadya was one of the most entertaining contestants they’ve had on that show for a long time and, though my loyalties were torn for a while as one of the bakers was a fellow Firefighter, as soon as Matt placed icing in the oven I knew that he had fallen on his own spatula. So it was that indoors, ‘team us’, redirected our attentions to the Mike Yarwood of the Muslim world, the woman of a thousand faces, the woman who discovered that the boundaries in life that she placed upon herself were no longer needed, who then went to Berkshire and conquered Hollywood…Nadya!




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